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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Where Can I Buy Potassium Iodide Online?

1. Iherb's IOSAT

IOSAT is one of the better and more reliable FDA-approved brands of potassium iodide, and Iherb offers the product at a good price, with fast delivery.

2.'s Iosat sells IOSAT brand potassium iodide pills for use during nuclear emergencies. They have a good variety and all work- don't be intimidated by the name.  

3. Rad-Guard's Iosat

Rad-Guard sells IOSAT brand potassium iodide tablets, and other pills during emergencies 

4. TwoTigers

Two Tigers sells Rad Block brand potassium iodide tablets.

5. Anbex's Iosat

Anbex sells IOSAT brand potassium iodide for radiation protection in a nuclear emergency.

6. KI4U's Rad Block

KI4U provides Rad Block brand of potassium iodide, as well as extensive information on the drug. They also sell KI4U's own KIO3 brand of potassium iodide.


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