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Friday, 22 April 2011

Nuke Pills Top $200 Per Pack On Auction Sites; Prices up 1900% in Just a Few Days

Purchase Potassium Iodide

As the effects of the nuclear disaster in Japan remain unclear, panicked residents of the U.S. is doing everything possible to get their hands on the potassium iodide pills.

Distributors of the FDA recommended pills have run out of stock with the manufacturer's report which sold about 250,000 individual packages in a single weekend.

As reported in your grocery store will be in an emergency, at the start of a major event of balance, purchase potassium iodide the essential first. In Japan, especially food and water have become scarce.

Panic is spreading, and residents in the U.S., fearing a rain cloud crossing the Pacific and affect the western states, are stocking up as well.

The main priority? Potassium iodide - nuclear or pills purchase potassium iodide in Canada or the United States.

In recent days, the Surgeon General has informed residents of the West Coast try to get a hold of potassium iodide in the event of a radiation threat in the U.S. so purchase potassium iodide online .

The crisis of supply and demand has forced buyers to use the secondary market for the purchase of the FDA recommends potassium iodide supplements purchase , driving prices over $ 200 for a package of 14 doses. The suggested purchase retail price offered potassium iodide by the provider on is $ 10 per packet, indicating that demand has forced prices up to 1900% in just a few days.


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