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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Where Can I Buy Potassium Iodide Online?

1. Iherb's IOSAT

IOSAT is one of the better and more reliable FDA-approved brands of potassium iodide, and Iherb offers the product at a good price, with fast delivery.

2.'s Iosat sells IOSAT brand potassium iodide pills for use during nuclear emergencies. They have a good variety and all work- don't be intimidated by the name.  

3. Rad-Guard's Iosat

Rad-Guard sells IOSAT brand potassium iodide tablets, and other pills during emergencies 

4. TwoTigers

Two Tigers sells Rad Block brand potassium iodide tablets.

5. Anbex's Iosat

Anbex sells IOSAT brand potassium iodide for radiation protection in a nuclear emergency.

6. KI4U's Rad Block

KI4U provides Rad Block brand of potassium iodide, as well as extensive information on the drug. They also sell KI4U's own KIO3 brand of potassium iodide.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Governments Stockpiling Massive Amounts of Potassium Iodide

This is further evidence that world leaders are psychopaths in a genocidal war footing against humanity, there is no explanation behind the total irresponsibility behind allowing the proliferation of nuclear energy. This, in itself leads to the production of weapons with depleted uranium mixed because there is no other way to dispose of spent fuel from nuclear reactors. Naturally, the reptilian brain takes over at this point that criminal obsessions arise - leading to the deaths of millions, sterilization, deformation and mutation which will last for generations between the cultures they consider inferior and land contamination the war machine takes billions of years.

It's time to wake up and protest or mass of humanity has no future on this planet, there is no excuse for this terrible lack of responsibility to future generations.

Of the book Deadly Deceit: Low-level radiation - High-level cover-up by Jay M. Gould and Benjamin A. Goldman (Overview) Abolitionist Party of Canada leader John Turmel Engineer in the last chance to vote for interest-free loans to maximize employment and for the decriminalization of marijuana to combat cancers from low-level radiation Japanese. It's time to wake up and protest or mass of humanity has no future on this planet, there is no excuse for this terrible lack of responsibility to future generations.

Of the book Deadly Deceit: Low-level radiation - High-level cover-up by Jay M. Gould and Benjamin A. Goldman (Overview) Abolitionist Party of Canada leader John Turmel Engineer in the last chance to vote for interest-free loans to maximize employment and for the decriminalization of marijuana to combat cancers from low-level radiation Japanese.

“Yesterday afternoon (roughly 1400PST), the Urgent Care in Ventura, California, denied me a prescription for KI (potassium iodide): an over the counter, salt,” writes Michael (surname withheld). “The reason for denying me a prescription was predicated upon the Doctors conversation, with both CDC and DHSC representatives, whom discouraged it. After asking her if she took government orders, she replied, “No, but I do take their recommendations.”

“As KI is unavailable in Ventura right now and I was unable to get a prescription, which the pharmacy required, I am still without a supply of KI,” adds Michael.

Last month, it was reported that Fema was submitting a request to purchase $1 Billion worth of dehydrated food, and that the order was so large that many distributors had to cancel most of their customers and contracts to facilitate the order. With news of this new order by the government to stockpile disaster preparedness items (KI), is there something occurring, or about to occur that the public has not been made aware of?

This news that the government is seeking to purchase and stockpile massive amounts of pottasium iodide from the largest suppliers in the US, when in the past they have refrained from doing so, even after the events of chernobyl, should be a wakeup call to all Americans that we need to be prudent that disasters and crisis’ can happen here in America at any moment, and to always have yourself prepared.

Protects the thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine. The thyroid is saturated with iodine tablets, which blocks absorption of radioactive iodine. Children are at greater risk of exposure to radioactive iodine, so ensure that they take potassium iodide tablets if they are in danger of exposure. radioactive iodine exposure has been linked to cancers of the thyroid.

tablets Potassium iodide protects the thyroid gland and no other body parts. They should only be taken in case of radiological emergency which is the release of radioactive iodine, as an accident at a nuclear power plant or nuclear bomb explosion.

Dosage: Take one dose (130 mg for adults, children 65 mg) every 24 hours after the official announcement has been a risk of exposure to radioactive iodine. Do not take potassium iodide tablets for more than 10 days.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Nuke Pills Top $200 Per Pack On Auction Sites; Prices up 1900% in Just a Few Days

Purchase Potassium Iodide

As the effects of the nuclear disaster in Japan remain unclear, panicked residents of the U.S. is doing everything possible to get their hands on the potassium iodide pills.

Distributors of the FDA recommended pills have run out of stock with the manufacturer's report which sold about 250,000 individual packages in a single weekend.

As reported in your grocery store will be in an emergency, at the start of a major event of balance, purchase potassium iodide the essential first. In Japan, especially food and water have become scarce.

Panic is spreading, and residents in the U.S., fearing a rain cloud crossing the Pacific and affect the western states, are stocking up as well.

The main priority? Potassium iodide - nuclear or pills purchase potassium iodide in Canada or the United States.

In recent days, the Surgeon General has informed residents of the West Coast try to get a hold of potassium iodide in the event of a radiation threat in the U.S. so purchase potassium iodide online .

The crisis of supply and demand has forced buyers to use the secondary market for the purchase of the FDA recommends potassium iodide supplements purchase , driving prices over $ 200 for a package of 14 doses. The suggested purchase retail price offered potassium iodide by the provider on is $ 10 per packet, indicating that demand has forced prices up to 1900% in just a few days.

Potassium Iodide Stocks At A Record High

Purchase Potassium Iodide

We receive numerous complaints from readers that the stocks of potassium iodide, which is used to protect the body against the effects of fallout are completely depleted in the United States. The control of the web sites of health supplement in the U.S. also confirmed that the reserves are completely purchase exhausted.

With the threat of radioactive particles in the nuclear reactor complex Fukushima affected by the drift towards the United States on the prevailing winds from the east, many Americans are trying to protect through the purchase of potassium iodide protects the thyroid gland radiation and cancer caused by radioactive iodine.

U.S. manufacturers potassium iodide have been inundated with demand, reports CNN. One of Williamsburg, Virginia-based company, has received hundreds if not thousands of calls from prospective buyers in Asia, and repeat U.S. clients seeking to replenish their stocks quickly the drug. "

U.S. government has said it does not reserve purchase all the additional supplies of potassium iodide, which only increased the demand for Americans who are struggling to find anywhere.

"The federal government has not acquired sufficient to meet these standards. Currently, only enough medication available for people living within 10 miles of nuclear reactors in the United States, according to U.S. officials," a number Alan Morris, president of Anbex Inc, hits as totally inadequate.

Morris said the fact that the consequences of the April 1986 Chernobyl disaster, which spread throughout the northern hemisphere, led to more than one million deaths from radiation poisoning, according to some estimates, causing thyroid cancer in children living in neighboring countries.

"U.S. drug stores are reporting a surge in sales of purchase pills against radiation sale, despite assurances from health officials that Americans are not at risk from Japanese nuclear reactors," reports Fox News.

Some less than ethical private retailers take purchase advantage of shortages to charge about $ 300 for a pack of pills, which normally retail around the $ 15 level.

Importantly, potassium iodide high strength 130 mg range shown in the image above should only be taken in an emergency fallout and not under any circumstances.

See a video simulation of how the radiation cloud from Chernobyl affected the whole of Europe, with governments to severely restrict purchase potassium iodide the movements of livestock and standards of food safety as far away as England and Wales.

Here are a couple of emails we received today;

I went to Whole Foods Market in Arlington, Texas, the night before to get a bottle of algae and they were out and purchase potassium iodide totally out of potassium iodide. It would not make a referral, if any, by this Friday.

Do people in this area more aware of what is happening in Japan that people in Austin? I hope so.

U.S. Government Blocking Americans From Obtaining Potassium Iodide?

U.S. health authorities could be blocking Americans from obtaining the radiation-fighting drug potassium iodide, even as the threat of a radioactive cloud from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant affecting the United States prompts panic buying, which has led to stocks of the drug running out across the country. So purchase your potassium iodide now.

High strength potassium iodide is a once-daily pill that protects the thyroid from radiation and cancer caused by radioactive iodine. There are also weaker forms of drug liquid offer less protection, but supplies of these are also being depleted.

A caller to The Alex Jones Show today told how he tried to obtain potassium iodide through prescription from your doctor by failing to buy over the counter because of the actions that have been completely exhausted.

"Yesterday afternoon (approximately 1400PST) Urgent Care in Ventura, California, denied a prescription for me (KI) KI: one on the counter salt," writes Michael (name withheld). "The reason to refuse a prescription based on medical conversation, both the CDC and representatives DHSC, who was discouraged. After asking if she was taking orders from the government, replied: "No, but they have their recommendations."

"As the KI is not available in Ventura at the moment and I could not get a prescription, the pharmacy is required, I am still without a supply of KI," adds Michael.

The U.S. government has so far refused to supply the drug store even though the threat of nuclear catastrophe about the scale of Chernobyl.

"The federal government has not acquired sufficient to meet this standard," reports CNN. "Currently, only enough medication available for people living within 10 miles of nuclear reactors in the United States, according to U.S. officials."

We are also receiving other unconfirmed reports that some chemists and health stores that have small amounts of drugs are refusing to sell to customers, citing the excuse that could be used to manufacture methamphetamine

Monday, 28 March 2011

Compare Prices Of Potassium Iodide

Compare prices of the best brands of Potassium Iodide! Purchase Potassium Iodide

Learn the Truth about potassium iodine. Albert von Szent-Györgyi who got the noble prize for discovering vitamin C took 1 gram of Potassium Iodide a day minimum. Szent-Györgyi died at 93 years old! I think a lot of people might reject the idea as "extreme" because to accept it as a possibility means they'd have to think about it seriously, and we know how folks just HATE thinking! Haha!

High TSH = Underactive Thyroid / Hypothroidism which means your thyroid is not doing it's job to produce enough T3 and T4 hormones.... Low TSH = Overactive Thyroid / Hyperthroedism is the opposite and the the thyroid is producing too much T3 and T4 hormones, possibly due to disease, or taking too high a dose of thyroid hormone replacement drugs.

The two forms of radioactive iodine that are set free at Fukushima have a half-life (the time until the they lose half their radiation) of 24 hours (iodine-133) and 8 days (iodine-131). By the time they reach the US they will have lost most of their radioactivity, no to mention that it will be heavily thinned out through the wind.

It is much more dangerous to blindly supplement high doses of iodide, that can harm your thyroid and wreak havoc with your hormones.

Yes, watch the weather in Japan and all the way across the Pacific. If there is a low pressure system over the reactor suching the air up then the height of the system governs how far the airborne contamination will travel. If it gets into the jet stream it could very well make it all the way to The northwestern states then travel in a southeaserly direction across America. It would travel until a weather system drove it down to ground level. It sure looks like a total meltdown is underay!

Potassium Iodide Questions and Answers

What is the accurate name of the thyroid test which i ask my doctor for?

The standard lab test is called the "TSH test" (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone). However, as this video points out, labs label 95% of all results "normal". So even if the entire population was hypothyroid, only 5% would be labeled as such, and results vary up to 25% on the same sample from different labs. Labs are nearly useless, in other words. Doctors must diagnose from the symptoms and exam, and patients should track basal temperature (search for Broda Barnes).

What Potassium Iodide do I NOT take?

Elemental (free) iodine is poisonous, except in the very small amounts in water disinfected with iodine tablets or a few drops of tincture of iodine. Furthermore, elemental iodine supplied by iodine tablets and released by tincture of iodine dropped into water is not effective as a blocking agent to prevent thyroid damage. If you do not have any potassium iodide, DO NOT TAKE IODINE TABLETS OR TINCTURE OF IODINE. Potassium IODIDE is what you want. And only 130 mg per day during emergency

How much does Potassium Iodide Protect against radiation?

It is important to note that the potassium iodide only protects the thyroid. It does not prevent your body from absorbing radiation through other channels and will not protect from radiation damage to other parts of your body. Also, taking high doses of potassium iodide can have severe side effects on the body, the endocrine system, and could even damage the thyroid itself.

What type do I buy?

For long time storage, crystalline or granular potassium iodide is better than a saturated solution. Dry potassium iodide should be stored in a dark bottle with a gasketed, non-metallic cap that screws on tightly. Two-fluid-ounce bottles, filled with dry potassium iodide as described below, are good sizes for a family. Separate medicine droppers should be kept with stored bottles. Compare prices of potassium iodide at .

Experiments with a variety of ordinary household medicine droppers determined that 1 drop of a saturated solution of potassium iodide contains from 28 to 36 mg of potassium iodide. The recommended expedient daily doses of a saturated solution (approximately 130 mg for adults and children older than one year, and 65 mg for babies younger than one year) are as follows:

About 2 ounces of crystalline or granular potassium iodide is needed to fill a 2-fluid-ounce bottle about 60% full.) Next, pour safe, room-temperature water into the bottle until it is about 90% full. Then close the bottle tightly and shake it vigorously for at least 2 minutes. Some of the solid potassium iodide should remain permanently undissolved at the bottom of the bottle; this is proof that the solution is saturated.

How do I take potassium iodide?

You can buy and store enough potassium iodide for your family and large numbers of your friends and neighbors- as I did years ago.

° Practical expedient ways to prepare and take daily prophylactic doses of a saturated solution of potassium iodide.

To prepare a saturated solution of potassium iodide, fill a bottle about 60% full of crystalline or granular potassium iodide. (A 2-fluid-ounce bottle, made of dark glass and having a solid, non-metallic, screwcap top, is a good size for a family.

Q: Is one pound enough for four people? How much Potassium Iodide should I take?

You mix around 26 grams of Potassium Iodide ( 1ounce=28grams ) with 1 litre of water H2o and you then have 200 adult doses or 400 child doses. Made up into a solution 200 adult doses each one 130mg per 5cc. which is one teaspoon. One teaspoonful equals one adult dose, 1/2 teaspoonful equals a childrens dose and so forth.

If you have a 1lb tub than you have enough for 3200 adult doses or 6400 child doses of potassium iodide tyroid treatment. I buy 250 grams which is slightly more than 2/3 pound! So yeah, a pound is though for 4, unless the radiation is not contained for whatever reason, then youll really need to stock up on those nuke pills!
Japan's nuclear crisis is sending prices of potassium iodide sky high on eBay.

Completed listings on the auction website show people paying hundreds of dollars for anti-radiation tablets.

Two weeks' worth of pills normally sells for around 25 bucks.

The pills are being snapped up despite assurances from U.S. health officials that there's no risk to Americans from the endangered Japanese reactors.

Health food stores say they've also seen a spike in demand for the tablets and many are sold out.

Geiger counters are another popular eBay purchase.

Those are also going for hundreds of dollars.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Purchase Potassium Iodide

Where can I BUY Potassium Iodide?
 Our solution:

J.Crow’s is one our best top product brands in the market , its quality is reliable. Aqueous solution. 94% distilled water. 4% Potassium Iodide. 2% Iodine. Moreover , J.Crow’s price is affordable price. If you check at its features provided , you will find that it is a best buy product at the best price.

What is potassium iodide (KI)?

Potassium iodide (also known as KI) is a salt of stable (not radioactive) iodine. importantchemical stable iodine is needed by the body to produce thyroid hormones. Most of the stable iodine in our bodies comesfrom the food we eat. KI is stable iodine in the form of medicine. This fact sheet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides basic information about KI. It explains what you should think before you or a family member is KI.

Ki Do What?

After a radiological or nuclear event, radioactive iodine can be released into the air and then breathed into the lungs. Radioactive iodine may also contaminate the local food supply and enter the body through food or drink. When radioactive materials enter the body through breathing, eating or drinking, saying that "internal contamination" has occurred ( In the case of internal contamination with radioactive iodine, the thyroid gland rapidly absorbs this chemical. Radioactive iodine can be absorbed by the thyroid gland damage. Because nonradioactive KI acts to block radioactive iodine taken into the thyroid gland, which can help protect this gland from injury.

What can not KI

Knowing what KI can not do is also important. KI can not prevent radioactive iodine from entering the body. KI can protect only the thyroid from radioactive iodine, and no other body parts. KI can not reverse the health effects caused by radioactive iodine, once thyroid damage has occurred. KI can not protect the body from radioactive elements other than radioactive iodine, if radioactive iodine is not present, taking KI will not protect.

How does KI?

The thyroid gland can not tell the difference between stable and radioactive iodine and absorb so much. KI works by blocking the entry of radioactive iodine to the thyroid. When a person takes KI, stable iodine in the medicine is absorbed by the thyroid. Because KI contains so much stable iodine, the thyroid gland becomes "full" and can not absorb more stable or radioactive iodine for the next 24 hours.

Iodized table salt also contains iodine, iodized table salt contains enough iodine to keep most healthy people under normal conditions. However, table salt does not contain enough iodine to block radioactive iodine from getting into your thyroid gland. You should not use table salt as a substitute for KI.

How well does KI work?

Knowing that KI can not give a person 100% protection against radioactive iodine is important. How well RAI KI blocks depends

• How much time passes between contamination with radioactive iodine and KI making (earlier a person to take KI, the better)

• KI how quickly absorbed into the blood and

• the total amount of radioactive iodine for a person is exposed.

Who should take KI Potassium Iodide ?

The thyroid gland of a fetus and a baby are at greater risk of injury of radioactive iodine. Young children and people with low reserves of iodine in the thyroid are also at risk of thyroid lesions.

Infants (including infants with breast milk):

Infants should receive the recommended dose of Potassium Iodide KI for infants (see How much KI should I take?). The amount of Potassium Iodide KI that enters the breast milk is not sufficient to protect infants breastfed by exposure to radioactive iodine. The proper dose of Potassium Iodide KI as an infant will help to protect radioactive iodine is inhaled or milk drinks.

Children: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that all children who are internally contaminated with (or likely to be contaminated with the interior) of radioactive iodine take KI, unless they have a known allergy to iodine. Children from birth to 18 years of age are most susceptible to the potentially harmful effects of radioactive iodine.

Young Adults: The FDA recommends that young adults (between the ages of 18 and 40) internally contaminated with (or likely to be contaminated with the interior) of radioactive iodine take the recommended dose of KI. Young adults are less sensitive to the effects of radioactive iodine as children.

Pregnant women: Because all forms of iodine can cross the placenta, pregnant women should take KI to protect the growing fetus. However, pregnant women should take a single dose of KI following internal contamination with (or internal contamination with probability) of radioactive iodine.

Nursing Women: Women who are breastfeeding should take only one dose of KI if they have been internally contaminated with (or are likely to be internally contaminated with) radioactive iodine. Because radioactive iodine quickly gets into breast milk, the CDC recommends that women internally contaminated with (or are likely to be internally contaminated with) radioactive iodine breastfeeding stop and feed your baby infant formula or other foods when available. If breast milk is the only food available for a baby, breastfeeding should continue.

Adults: Adults over 40 should not take KI unless public health or emergency management officials say that pollution with a large dose of radioactive iodine is expected. Older adults are less than40 years probability of developing thyroid cancer or thyroid injury after contamination with radioactive iodine. They are also more likely to have allergic reactions to KI.

When should I take Potassium Iodide  KI?

After a radiological or nuclear event, local public health or emergency management officials will tell the public if KI or other protective actions are necessary. For example, public health officials may advise you to stay at home, school or workplace (this is known as "shelterinplace") or evacuate. You can also request not to eat certain foods and not drinking a few drinks until a safe supply can be brought in from outside the affected area. Following the instructions given to you by these authorities can reduce the amount of radioactive iodine that enters the body and reduce the risk of serious injury to the thyroid gland.

How much Potassium Iodide KI should I take?

The FDA has approved two different forms of KI-tablets and liquid-that people can take by mouth after a nuclear radiation emergency. The tablets come in two strengths, 130 milligrams (mg) and 65 mg. The tablets are scored so they can be cut into smaller pieces for the lower doses. Each milliliter (mL) of oral liquid contains 65 mg of KI.

According to the FDA, the following dosages are appropriate to take after internal contamination with (or internal contamination with probability) of radioactive iodine:

• Adults should take 130 mg (one tablet of 130 mg or 65 mg or ml of both).

• Women who are breastfeeding should take the adult dose of 130 mg.

• Children between 3 and 18 years of age should take 65 mg (one tablet of 65 mg or ml of solution 1). Children who are adult size (greater than or equal to 150 pounds) should take the adult dose, regardless of age.

• Infants and children between 1 month and 3 years of age should take 32 mg (half a tablet of 65 mg or ½ ml of solution). This dose is for infants and children and nonnursing.

• Infants from birth to 1 month of age should receive 16 mg (¼ tablet or ¼ 65 mg ml). This dose is for both nursing and nonnursing newborns.

How often should I take KI?

A single dose of KI protects the thyroid gland for 24 hours. A one-time dose levels recommended in this fact sheet is all that is needed to protect the thyroid gland. In some cases, radioactive iodine may be in the environment for more than 24 hours. If that happens, local emergency management or public health officials can take a dose of KI every 24 hours for a few days. You should do this only with the advice of emergency management officials, public health officials or your doctor. Avoid repeating the dose with KI for pregnant and lactating women and newborns. Individuals may need to be evacuated until levels of radioactive iodine in the environment fall.

Taking a higher dose of KI, or taking KI more often than recommended, offers no more protection and can cause serious illness or death.

Medical conditions that may be harmful to take KI

Taking KI can be harmful for some people due to high levels of iodine in this medicine. You should not take KI if

• you know you are allergic to iodine (If you are unsure about this, consult your doctor. A seafood or shellfish allergy does not necessarily mean you are allergic to iodine.) O

• you have certain skin disorders (such as dermatitis herpetiformis or urticaria vasculitis).

People with thyroid disease (eg, multinodular goiter, Graves' disease or autoimmune thyroiditis) may be treated with KI. This should occur under close supervision of a physician, especially if the dose is longer than a few days.

What are the possible risks and side effects of Potassium Iodide?

When public health or emergency management officials tell the public to take KI after a nuclear or radiological event, the benefits of taking this drug outweigh the risks. This is true for all ages. Some general side effects caused by KI may include intestinal distress reactions, allergic reactions (possibly severe), rash and swelling of the salivary glands.

When taken as recommended, KI only causes adverse health effects rare that specifically involve the thyroid gland. In general, are more likely to have an adverse effect on the health of the thyroid gland if

• take more than the recommended KI

• Take this medicine for several days, or

• have pre-existing thyroid disease.

Newborn babies (less than 1 month of age) who received two doses of Potassium Iodide are at particular risk of developing a condition known as hypothyroidism (thyroid hormone levels are too low). If untreated, hypothyroidism can cause brain damage. Babies who receive Potassium Iodide should have their thyroid hormone levels checked and supervised by a physician. Avoid repeating the dose of KI to newborns.